A Practical Grammar of Basic Biblical Hebrew

TX 8013


A Practical Grammar of Basic Biblical Hebrew

Author:  Laurence M. Vance

Page:  119, ringbound


A practical beginning grammar written with the student in mind, this grammar can also be used as a review by anyone who has previously studied Hebrew.  It assumes no prior knowledge of Greek and focuses exclusively on biblical Hebrew.  Since this is a basic grammar, the tradesman terminology has been kept to an absolute minimum and the lessons and vocabularies are deliberately short.  The purpose of the book is to equip the Bible-believing pastor or Bible student with a sufficient knowledge of the Hebrew language to not only understand the references to Hebrew that appear in commentaries, reference books, and articles, but to defend the Bible from the attacks made upon it using the Hebrew.  Clear examples are provided to illustrate every point of syntax introduced.  A detailed table of contents and a comprehensive index and vocabulary further add to the practical nature of the work.  This grammar contains thirty-one lessons, designed to be completed at the rate of one per week, and includes special lessons on the Hebrew lexicon, the Hebrew Bible, and the availability and merit of the various Hebrew reference tools.