A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament

RC 1125


A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament

Author:  Robert Dick Wilson, Revised by Edward J. Young

Pages:  195

"Occasionally God gives to His Church a man of unusual gifts, deep piety, and true insight. Such a man was the late Robert Dick Wilson (1856-1930). Dr. Wilson lived at a time when the Old Testament was being subjected to some of the severest attacks and criticisms that it had ever received. He himself was a devout Christian and grieved over these attacks. He also had an insight into their nature and into the need for refuting them. And he had the God-given ability for standing up to the challenge which these attacks constituted, accepting it and seeking to give an answer." -from Introduction by E.J. Young

"Robert Dick Wilson was a tireless advocate of the authority, integrity, and accuracy of the Old Testament. Teachers and students alike find in his pious and scholarly life a model to emulate. In a time of unprecedented attacks on the Word of God, he was truly valiant for the truth. God help the generation in which the church does not have such a champion of Scripture." Dr. William D. Barrick, Professor of Old Testament, The Master's Seminary

"A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament is a work in which the results of Dr. Wilson's studies are presented. Almost every statement in the book is based upon long and patient research. For this reason the book may be a bit difficult to read. Its reading, however, will be amply rewarding to the man who wishes to understand how strong is that evidence which corroborates the Old Testament. Only one who has done similar work himself can appreciate the tremendous amount of toil which the following pages represent. But anyone who will read these pages carefully will soon come to see that the Old Testament is capable of scholarly defense and that Robert Dick Wilson was one of its most scholarly defenders. Because of his painstaking research many have been strengthened in their faith and many ministers have preached with greater earnestness and devotion than would otherwise have been the case. May the triune God be praised for having given to His people so great a warrior as Robert Dick Wilson." - E.J. Young

"Build solidly. Prepare thoroughly. Never be satisfied with superficial answers. God's Word can stand the most thorough investigation. Do not shirk the difficult problems but seek to bring the facts to light, for God's Word and God's world will never contradict one another." - Oswald T. Allis, describing Robert Dick Wilson's approach to the study of the Bible.