Analytical Lexicon of New Testament Greek: Revised and Updated (Revised Edition)

TX 8004


Analytical Lexicon of New Testament Greek: Revised and Updated (Revised edition)

Author:  Edited by Maurice A. Robinson and Mark A. House

Pages:  449, Hardcover


"Coded to the Revised Strong's Numbering System" "The Analytical Lexicon of New Testament Greek," a revised and updated edition of Perschbacher's "The New Analytical Greek Lexicon," is an invaluable resource for the study of the Greek New Testament. Based on a corrected and expanded computer database, this new edition provides detailed grammatical analyses (parsing) and definitions of all the Greek words in the New Testament - information essential for correct translation and interpretation. A host of additional features make the Analytical Lexicon an essential addition to the library of any biblical student or scholar:

- Analyzed words represent several major editions of the Greek New Testament
- Updated dictionary entries provide helpful English definitions for the entire New Testament vocabulary
- Each Greek word is keyed to the revised Strong's numbering system, making it easy to use with a host of other language resources
- A new glossary of Greek grammatical terms helps students make sense of the technical concepts used in language study
- A revised set of Greek word tables, keyed to the analytical lexicon, gives a detailed overview of the entire system of New Testament word formation