August 2009 Sermons - Downloadable MP3

DC 0908D


AUGUST 2009 - Who Am I, O Lord? (2 Sam 7:18); The Word As A Lamp (Psa 119:105); The Sufferings Of Christ (Brian Donovan - Luke 9:47); Burden Bearing (Brian Donovan - Gal 6:1-6); The Curse of Christianity (Luke 15:25-32); Wounded in the House of My Friends (Zech 13:6); He Could Not Be Hid (Mark 7:24); Where Is Thy Pound? (Brian Donovan - Luke 19:12-17); The Judgments of God (Jer 18); Country Music (Brian Donovan - Prov 6). One zipped file containing 9 hours, 20 minutes. Sermons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman unless otherwise noted.


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