Betty Greene: Wings to Serve

BG 1188


Betty Greene: Wings to Serve

Author:  Janet & Geoff Benge

Pages: 193, Paperback

For Ages 10 and Up.


Betty Greene coaxed her Grumman seaplane to two thousand feet..... Suddenly, silence-- total silence. The plane engine had stopped! Her passengers gasped, but Betty knew she must remain calm. They had only slim chance for survival: the twisting jungle river below them.

As a young girl growing up on the shores of Lake Washington Betty Greene had two passions: a love for Christ and a love of flying. As a young World War ll WASP pilot, Betty dreamed of combining her two passions by using wings to serve God.

Betty's dream became reality when she helped found the Mission Aviation Fellowship. Her faith-filled adventures and faithful service helped create what is today a global ministry that operates over eighty aircraft in nineteen countries.