Biblical Scholarship

RK 95


The most complete book on textual criticism and manuscript evidence available; the culmination of Dr. Ruckman's work on the Authorized Version, a compilation of 31 years of classroom studies.  Citations are taken from the Greek texts of Nestle and Aland-Metzger; the canons of Griesbach and methods of choosing variant readings are explained, and Hort's theory on textual recension is given in his own words.  Descriptions are given of how "family genealogies and text types" are constructed, how early manuscripts were written, and how the more than 200 English revisions since 1880 are attempts to corrupt the Bible.  Lists 14 lies told daily by all the "recognized" Christian scholars and professors in America.  The Septuagint is again proven to be an A.D. hoax, and family classifications are debunked.  Thoroughly arms the student, minister, or any Christian who wishes to defend the King James Bible, against scholarly attack.  560 pages. Author:  Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

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