Building Thereupon

GN 9443


Building Thereupon: How Sound Faith and Good Doctrine are Properly Laid

Author: Kyle F. Stevens

Pages:  641


Christianity has become increasingly careless about Biblical truth, doctrine, and the Christian's testimony.  Building Thereupon demonstrates how, after salvation, carefully laying steadfast doctrinal truths one upon another forms the proper structure for fruitful and victorious Christian living.  The Bible admonishes believers to lay precept upon precept...line upon line.

Christian faith and truth are to be built upon the firm Foundation, Jesus Christ.  But what happens to faith if the first great truths are misunderstood?  Building Thereupon offers an in-depth discussion of Biblical doctrine - the knowledge of the things that relate to God and to the Lord Jesus Christ.  It shows that believers need to understand the details of their own salvation, or else be vulnerable to deception in other critical parts of the Christian life.  The Lord gives truths intended for every Christian, and these truths better equip each child of God to realize steadfastness, maturity, and the will of God.

Building Thereupon presents a convicting validation to earnest Bible believers, demonstrating that the body of correct Christian theology need not be rife with obscurity, contradiction, and inconsistencies.  The great Biblical truths flow together, fit seamlessly, and fall into order when doctrine is believingly laid precept upon precept and line upon line.