Catholicism Against Itself

CL 3019


Catholicism Against Itself

Author:  O.C. Lambert

Pages:  429

Have you ever wondered whether the Catholic Church is the true church?

Believe it or not, Catholic scholars and experts, with the endorsement of the Catholic Church itself, have proven it ISN’T!

Curious? This book uses only officially authorized Catholic books–ones which have received the official IMPRIMATUR (Latin for “let it be printed”) of the Catholic Church–to show what Catholic Church historians admit about the history of their church, their hierarchy, their practices, and their claims.

This isn’t someone outside of the Catholic Church making arguments against the legitimacy of the Catholic Church–this is Catholic experts and historians–all of them stamped with the official seal of approval and endorsement of the Catholic Church itself. They are the ones admitting the Catholic Church made things up (they freely admit Catholics forged documents in order to convince the laity to go along with whatever the hierarchy wanted to do)–and that some of their practices to this very day are based on those forgeries!

O.C. Lambert once possessed the largest library of Catholic books and documents outside of a monastary in the United States. After producing two volumes of Catholicism Against Itself, he challenged any representative of the Catholic Church to a public debate. No one dared to accept the challenge.