Catholicism: East of Eden

CL 3008


Catholicism: East of Eden

Author:  Richard Bennett

Pages:  333


Insights into Catholicism for the twenty-first century.

All human beings want to approach God in a way that pleases themselves.  That is no surprise: we all are proud and self-righteous, and by nature disobedient to the revealed will of God.  That was the ancient problem Cain had faced when he went out from the presence of God to live 'east of Eden' - and it continues to be the moral struggle of the 21st century.  Always what is most needed in such a struggle is an unquenchable desire to possess and to be possessed by the Truth.

How is Catholicism 'east of Eden?'  Worldwide interest in all things Catholic mixes with consternation over recent disclosures from within the Church.  Amidst doctrinal and moral confusion, most issues remain unanalyzed and unexplained, leaving both Catholics and non-Catholics wondering where the Roman Catholic Church stands.  This book will leave no doubt about the truthful answer.

In this book, the author has endeavoured to address the 21st century issues of Catholicism with candour and empathy.  Each topic is careully documented so that the reader who wishes to know for certain if what is written here is true can easily find the information.  Here is a book that speaks to both mind and heart.