Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?

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Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?

Author:  David W. Daniels

Pages:  160


Two different histories of the Bible. One, a history of God preserving through His people. The other, the Devil using the Roman Catholic Church to pervert God’s words.

The stories of the Spanish and English Bibles intertwine...because the history of all preserved Bibles starts out the same way.  God made choices throughout history, of a people (Israel), of original languages (Hebrew and Greek), and how He would preserve His words (through faithful believers, not through doubting scholars).

At the time of the Reformation in the 1500s, while many other Bible histories split into different narratives, God's Spanish Bible story weaves together with the English Bible story.  The same names and dates pop up for English and Spanish believers, for different reasons, but for the same ultimate purpose:  to bring God's holy and preserved words to His people.