February 2008 Blowout Sermons & Music - Downloadable MP3

DC F0800D


February 2008 Blowout Sermons and Music:

1) Danny Farley-Fellowship With God, Why The Harvest is Perishing, Nothing But Leaves, God is Faithful;

2) Greg Rhinehart-Why Churches Die, Don't Lose Your Head, Lessons From the Apostles;

3) David Spurgeon-Things I Have Learned, The Real Thing, Last But Not Least;

4) Freddie Reed-Ready or Not Here I Come, It's Just Not Fair I Deserve Worse, How To Go Soulwinning.

5) Dr. Ruckman-Luke 23:38-23:49.

Plus 54 music tracks.

One zipped folder containing 15 hours, 17 minutes.



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