February 2015 Sermons - Downloadable MP3

DC 1502D


FEBRUARY 2015 - One zipped folder containing 9 hours 40 minutes.  Sermons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman unless otherwise noted.

The Christian's Warfare
The Sinner's Savior (Brian Donovan)
The Greatest Thing You Can Do
Where are the Nine? (Brian Donovan)
The Gentle Way of Repentance (Michael Huggins)
Loving The Brethren (Robert Militello)
In the Mean While (Kyle Stephens)
Calvary (Alan Ryman)
Don't Lose Sight of God (Wilson Calvin)
Dr. Ruckman Pastorate Transfer Comments 2/8/2015

This will be the last monthly MP3 with Dr. Ruckman preaching the regular Sunday morning service.


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