February 2017 Sermons - MP3

DC 1702


FEBRUARY 2017 - MP3CD - 9 hours 27 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.

The Truth About Discipleship
There Is Hope (Zach Colvin)
The Need For Being Still (Zach Colvin)
How Happily Ever After Really Works (Kyle Stephens)
The Love Of God (Dilbert Terry)
Let Us Go On (Kyle Stephens)
The Name Of Jesus
Two Examples Of Faith

Mephibosheth (Campbell Quartet)
Whiter Than Snow (Mixed Group)
I'm Going Home (Dan Widmer)
I'll Meet You In The Morning - When We All Get To Heaven (BBC Bluegrass)
They Will Never Crucify Him Again (PBI Class Of 2018)
Oh My Soul Arise (Robert & Tori Campbell)
We Shall See Jesus (Mixed Ensemble)
My Son Has Come Home (BBC Youth Group)
Where It Not For Grace (Josh & Beckah Ciesielczyk - Trosclair Trio)
Did You Ever Talk To God Above - Where Ever He Leads, I'll Go (Grotke Family)