February 2018 Sermons - MP3

DC 1802


FEBRUARY 2018 - MP3CD - 9 hours 19 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.

The Marriage Supper on the Lamb
A Tale of Two Men
Two Houses (Zack Colvin)
Preparing for God to Show Up (Zack Colvin)
Reach Out (David Walker)
There's No Turning Back (Andrew Saucier)
Nearing the Finish Line (David Walker)
Salvation is of the Jews
Strangers and Pilgrims

My Savior Pleads for Me (Robert & Tori Campbell)
God Leads Us Along (Higgins Family)
The Unseen Hand (Perez-Trosclair Duet)
All That Thrills My Soul (Men's Quartet)
Guitar Medley (Andrew Ferguson)
The Lighthouse (Trosclair Duet)
There Arose a Lamb (PBI Class of 2018)
Green Pastures (Coventry-Geiger-Garner Trio)
In the Courtroom (Men's Quartet)
Dare to be Different - Satisfied (BBC Youth Group)
A Song of David (Pizzo-Darling Duet)
We're Not Home Yet (Gervens-Clevenger Duet)