February 2021 Sermons - MP3

DC 2102


February 2021 - MP3CD - 8 hours  58 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.



Three Resurrections
The Marks of a Good Soldier
The Rod That Budded (Zack Colvin)
The Death of a Saint (Robert Militello)
A Peculiar People (Kyle Stephens)
Your Lot in Life (David Walker)
Drawing It All Together (Randy Vartabedian)
The Revelation From God
The Way of the Backslider



Be Still My Soul (Abigail Harrison)
Ivory Palaces (Judy Coventry)
I'm Blessed (Jeffers Trio)
I'm so Glad I Found Jesus (Coventry - McNamara Duet)
You Raise Me Up (Violin) (Abiela Madden)
He Grows More Precious (Sean Riggs)
Jesus, What a Wonderful Name (Jeffers Trio)
Jesus, No Other Name (Campbell - Campbell - Darling - Stephens Quartet)
It Was Me (The Pilkingtons)
The Man in the Middle (Byler - Chafee - Munsey Trio)
Resurrection Medley (BBC Orchestra)