Holy Ground, Understanding the Times - Volume Two

GN 9430


Holy Ground, The True History of the State of Israel - Understanding the Times - Volume 2

Author:  William P. Grady

Foreword: Jerry Rockwell

Pages:  911


This book offers three specific benefits. It is a comprehensive line-upon-line history of the State of Israel; the text represents a rare combination of thorough scholarship (3,000 endnotes and 750 bibliography entries), while maintaining an intriguing readability (enhanced by 200 photographs and maps).

Jack Minor, a contributing writer for World Net Daily, calls Holy Ground "the definitive work on the subject." The reader will also discover many previously unknown (suppressed) facts. Finally, the author addresses the growing ideological clash between "anti-Semitic Christians" and believers who idolize the Jewish people so much that they would exempt them from the new birth. He posits Romans 11:28 as the ultimate spiritual conundrum—the Jew as a "beloved enemy."

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