International Sunday School Lessons 1978 - MP3

DR 1978



1--The Church Meets Trouble; 2--The Martyred Messenger; 3--Messenger To The Outsider; 4--Saul The Persecutor Becomes An Apostle; 5--Success And Persecution; 6--People With Hope; 7--Steadfast Workers; 8--Gospel Confronts Invested Interests; 9--Instructing Church Leaders; 10--The Church And The State; 11--A Ready Witness; 12--Faith In Time Of Peril; 13--Toward An Unhindered Gospel; 14--The Consequences Of The Undisciplined Life; 15--Motivations For The Disciplined Life; 16--The Resources For The Disciplined Life; 17--Expressions Of The Disciplined Life; 18--New Dimensions For Old Laws; 19--Reverence For God; 20--Sacredness Of Life; 21--Moral Purity; 22--Right Relationship With Parents; 23--Honest Speech; 24--Lessons On The Sabbath; 25--Setting Life's Priorities; 26--Love Fulfills The Commandment; 27--The Divine Quest; 28- The Inspiration Of Scripture; 29--Hosea; 30--A Sovereign God Dwells With Us; 31--God's Redeeming Love For Us. 14 hours 31 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.