International Sunday School Lessons 1980 - Downloadable MP3

DR 1980D


1--Aspects Of Christ's Family Life; 2--The Family At Bethany; 3--The Woman Of Samaria; 4--The Paralytic Man; 5--The Woman Taken In Adultery; 6--Cure Of The Blind Man; 7--Living As God's People; 8--Looking For The Promises (Gap Proofs); 9--Walking In The Light; 10--Walking In Love; 11--Christ's Challenge To The Churches; 12--Worthy To Be Worshipped; 13--The Glory Of The New Creation; 14--Hezekiah; 15--Manasseh And Josiah; 16--Jeremiah's Temple Message; 17--Habakkuk 2; 18--Ezekiel--Prophet In Exile; 19--The Fall Of Jerusalem; 20--The Lament Of Jeremiah; 21--Message Of Comfort And Strength; 22--The Promise Of Deliverance; 23--The Call To Rebuild; 24--Renewal Under Nehemiah; 25--Restoration Under Ezra; 26--Malachi 3; 27--The Covenant-Making God (Note: track drags); 28--The Mosaic Covenant; 29--Joshua's Covenant; 30--Solomon's Covenant; 31--The New Covenant With Israel; 32--Covenant With Ezra And Nehemiah; 33--Acts 2; 34--The Believer's Life; 35--Covenant Of God In Eternity; 36--John The Baptist; 37--Jesus' Ministry To Israel.

One zipped folder containing 17 hours, 10 minutes. By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.


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