International Sunday School Lessons 1981 - MP3

DR 1981


1--Sermon On The Mount; 2--Proclaiming The Kingdom; 3--Learning From The Lord; 4--Trust In God's Victory; 5--Feeding Of 4,000; 6--Living Your Faith; 7--Love One Another; 8--Relationships In The Kingdom; 9--God's Generosity; 10--Questions Of Priority; 11--Signs Of The End Times; 12--Be Ready Be Faithful; 13--Preparing Of Difficult Times; 14--They Crucified Him; 15--The Resurrection; 16--Post Resurrection Appearance; 17--God's Ultimate Word; 18--The Pioneer Of Our Salvation; 19--Our Great High Priest; 20--Mediator Of New Covenant; 21--The Perfector Of Our Faith; 22--Hearing God's Commands; 23--Claiming God's Promises; 24--Recalling God's Actions; 25--Experiencing God's Presence; 26--The Ten Commandments; 27--God's Word In Our Heart; 28--God Chose Israel; 29--Commitment In Worship; 30--God Desires Justice; 31--The Covenant Renewal; 32--Repentance And Restoration; 33--Choice And Its Consequences; 34--God Is Faithful; 35--In The Beginning; 36--Psalm 23; 37--Our Place In God's World; 38--The Everlasting God; 39--The New Covenant; 40--What God Requires; 41--God So Loved The World; 42--Jesus Prays For His Church; 43--Life In The Spirit; 44--The More Excellent Way; 45--Growing In Christ; 46--Love One Another; 47--Jesus The Son Of God; 48--The Suffering And Deity Of Christ; 49--The Christmas Story; 50--Jesus As Messiah. 23 hours 9 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.