International Sunday School Lessons 1983 - MP3

DR 1983


1--Teaching About Forgiveness; 2--Jesus Teaches Compassion; 3--Jesus Teaches About Priorities; 4--Teaching About Lostness; 5--Teaching About Stewardship; 6--Going Up To Jerusalem; 7--The Last Supper; 8--The Crucifixion; 9--Standing Among His Disciples; 10--The Extended Fellowship; 11--An Empowered Fellowship; 12--An Expanded Fellowship; 13--Good News For Outsiders; 14--Good News For Former Enemies; 15--Missionaries On The Move; 16--Good News For All People; 17--Break Through In Macedonia; 18--The Riot At Ephesus; 19--On Trial At Jerusalem; 20--Paul In Rome; 21--Aaron--Spokesman And Priest; 22--Jethro--The Wise Advisor; 23--Caleb--The Loyal And Patient; 24--Deborah; 25--Jephthah--Zeal Without Knowledge; 26--Hannah--A Promise Kept; 27--Sampson; 28--Naaman; 29--Joash--A King Lead Astray; 30--Naomi And Ruth; 31--Hophni And Phinehas--Corrupt Prophets; 32--Jonathan And David--Loyal Friends; 33--Mordecai And Esther; 34--The God Of Creation; 35--God In History; 36--God's Inspired Prophets; 37--God In Christ; 38--God Redeems His People; 39--God's Love--The Motive; 40--God's Son--The Means; 41--Ephesians 4:17; 42--The Mosaic Covenant; 43--God's Steadfast Love; 44--God's Indwelling Spirit; 45--God's Called Out People; 46--God's Witnessing People; 47--A New Day For God's People; 48--Good News For The Oppressed; 49--Prepare The Way; 50--The Time Of Rejoicing. 23 hours 9 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.