International Sunday School Lessons 1984 - MP3

DR 1984


1--God's Case Against His People; 2--Song Of The Vineyard; 3--Visions and Missions; 4--Turn To The Lord; 5--A Day Of Joy And Gladness; 6--I Am The Lord; 7--The Servant Of The Lord; 8--Come To The Feast; 9--The Service That Seeks God; 10--Jesus Begins His Ministry; 11--Opposition To Jesus 12--Jesus Uses His Power; 13--Jesus Calls Persons To Minister; 14--Confrontation In Jerusalem; 15--In The Shadow Of The Cross; 16--Crucified And Raised; 17--Be Mature In Faith; 18--Be Faithful Through Works; 19--The Tongue; 20--Being Responsible To God; 21--Be Responsible Before God; 22--Saul Conforms To The World; 23--When Jealousy Dominates; 24--An Anointed Shepherd; 25--Family Rebellion; 26--Sowing Seeds Of Destruction; 27--Why Division Came; 28--An Era Of Evil; 29--Reform By Force; 30--War Between The Kingdoms; 31--Last Days Of A Kingdom; 32--Measured By The Word; 33--Reform In Religion; 34--Into Exile; 35--Paul's Conversion To Christ; 36--Paul Preaches The Gospel Of Christ; 37--All Under Sin; 38--The Struggle To Do Right; 39--Life In The Spirit; 40--The Practical Christian Life; 41--With Humility Esteeming Others; 42--The Holy Spirit's Temple; 43--A Christ Pleasing Family; 44--Responding To God's Authority; 45--The Christian's Hope; 46--Getting Ready For The Lord's Return; 47--Holding To The Truth; 48--God's Word Our Instructor; 49--Preach The Word; 50--Witnessing To God's Word; 51--The Word Of Life; 52--Believe And Receive Life. 24 hours 7 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.