International Sunday School Lessons 1986 - MP3

DR 1986


1--The Worth Of Every Person; 2--Morality Is An Inward Thing; 3--Concern For Others; 4--Be Forgiving; 5--Love Your Neighbor; 6--Wise Use Of Possessions; 7--Making Peace; 8--Seek To Serve; 9--A Living Confident Hope (poor quality); 10--A Hope Worth Suffering For (poor quality); 11-- A Hope Worth Waiting For (poor quality); 12--A Hope Leading To Action (poor quality); 13--A Hope Focused on Jesus (poor quality); 14--A Hope Built On Truth (poor quality); 15--A Hope Worth Guarding (poor quality); 16--The Holy Spirit And The Birth Of Jesus (poor quality); 17--The Holy Spirit And Calling Of Jesus; 18--The Holy Spirit In Jesus' Ministry; 19--The Promise And Power Of The Holy Spirit; 20--The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit; 21--The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit; 22--God Calls Jeremiah To Prophecy; 23--The Wrongs Of Jeremiah's Nation; 24--Jeremiah's Temple Sermon; 25--God's Word vs. The King; 26--America's Problems; 27--The Hope For The Future; 28--Ezekiel's Calling; 29--Personal Responsibility; 30--Condition Of Jerusalem (poor quality); 31--Renewal Of God's People (poor quality); 32--God Honors Faithful Obedience; 33--God's Presence With The Faithful (poor quality); 34--God's Rule Will Come; 35--Genesis 1; 36--A Rainbow For Humanity; 37--The Abrahamic Covenant; 38--The Making Of A Covenant; 39--A Celebration Of Justice; 40--Renewal Of A Covenant; 41--The House Of David; 42--A Kingdom Divided; 43--Ten Northern Tribes; 44--Southern Kingdom Destroyed; 45--A Promise Of Return; 46--A Remnant Rebuilds; 47--Rejoicing In The Law; 48--A New Community (The Church); 49--From Preaching To Writing; 50--Born Of A Woman; 51--Suffering Saviour. 23 hours 40 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.