International Sunday School Lessons 1987 - MP3

DR 1987


1--Teacher Of Righteousness; 2--A Man Of Compassions; 3--Lord Of Life; 4--Good News For All People; 5--Being Christian In Relationships; 6--Encouragement For Troubled Times; 7--The Entry Into Jerusalem; 8--Teaching In The Temple; 9--Love Faces The Cross; 10--In The Garden; 11--Christ Before The Council; 12--Condemned But Not Guilty; 13--Death On The Cross; 14--Raised From The Dead; 15--The Emmaus Encounter; 16--Hosea Marries Gomer; 17--Hosea (Though Rejected God Still Loves); 18--A Plea For Genuine Repentance; 19--God's Agony Over Unfaithful People; 20--Promise Of Restoration; 21--Paul's Calling, Concern, and Commitment; 22--Human Sin and Divine Wrath; 23--Our Goodness Is Not Enough; 24--Accepted Though Unaccepted; 25--A New Relationship With God; 26--A New Way Of Living; 27--A New Way To Righteousness; 28--New Life In The Spirit; 29--The Goodness Of God; 30--God's Unchanging Purpose; 31--Marks Of A Transformed Life; 32--Citizens Of Two Kingdoms; 33--Living By God's Rule; 34--The Creation And The Fall; 35--Responsible For One Another; 36--God's Judgment On Sin; 37--Quest For Fame And Power; 38--Abraham's Origin And Call; 39--Isaac--Type Of Christ; 40--Genesis 22; 41--Isaac's Blessings; 42--Jacob's Return Home; 43--The Reunion Of Brothers (Gen. 33); 44--Joseph As A Type Of Christ; 45--Types Of Christ In The Old Testament; 46--Reconciliation Between Brothers; 47--John Prepares The Way For Jesus. 21 hours 55 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.