International Sunday School Lessons 1988 - MP3

DR 1988


1--The Old And New In Religion; 2--Religion In Life; 3--Works Of Jesus; 4--Jewish Messiah; 5--Tares And Wheat; 6--The Challenge Of Cross Bearing; 7--Instructions To The Church; 8--Suffering Servant; 9--The Disciples Future; 10--The Last Supper; 11--In The Garden Of Gethsemane; 12--The Crucifixion; 13--The Resurrection; 14--The Disciples Commission; 15--The Living Word; 16--God's Promise Of Rest; 17--Our High Priest; 18--The New Covenant; 19--Confident Faith; 20--Discipline Commitment; 21--God's Expected Service; 22--Moses, The Law Giver; 23--Moses' Search For Identity; 24--Moses' Call; 25--Moses Confronts Pharaoh; 26--The Passover; 27--Moses Leading The Exodus; 28--Moses Deals With Murmurers; 29--Moses And Aaron Share The Leadership; 30--God Makes A Covenant With His People; 31--The People's Idolatry; 32--Murmuring; 33--Moses Counceling; 34--None Like Moses; 35--The Meaning Of Suffering; 36--Why Do The Righteous Suffer?; 37--Job's Justification To His Friends; 38--God Answers Job; 39--A Disappointing Vineyard; 40--Isaiah's Call To Service; 41--Words Of Hope; 42--The Suffering Servant; 43--Restoration Of God's People; 44--Jeremiah's Call; 45--The Sins Of The Nations; 46--The Birth Of John The Baptist; 47--God's Promise To Mary; 48--God's Promise Fulfilled; 49--God's Promise Celebrated. 22 hours 49 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.