International Sunday School Lessons 1989 - MP3

DR 1989


1--Anointed To Preach Good News; 2--From Fishermen To Followers; 3--Healed And Forgiven; 4--Forgiveness, A Measure Of Love; 5--The Significance Of A Touch; 6--Seeking God's Kingdom; 7--The Great Healer; 8--Wealth And Discipleship; 9--Becoming A Believer; 10--An Appeal For Acceptance; 11--Citizens Of The New Kingdom; 12--A Warning Against False Teachers; 13--Suffering For The Truth; 14--The New Covenant; 15--The Resurrection; 16--To Live Is Christ; 17--Serving As Christ Served; 18--Pressing On In Christ; 19--Rejoicing In Christ; 20--To The Praise Of God's Glory; 21--Peace With God And One Another; 22--Building Up The Body Of Christ; 23--The Calling To The New Life; 24--Guidelines For Family Living; 25--The Crossing Of Jordan Memorial; 26--Joshua's Challenge To Israel; 27--Deliverance And Disobedience; 28--Deborah: Judge Of Israel; 29--Gideon: Reluctant Leader; 30--Delivered By God's Power; 31--Fate Of A Self Appointed Leader; 32--Sampson: Man Of Weakness And Strength; 33--The Commitment Of Ruth; 34--The Compassion of Boaz; 35--The Fulfillment Of Hope; 36--Ezekiel's Vision; 37--Personal Accountability Before God; 38--God Promises To Bless; 39--Five Parts To The Christian Life; 40--The Triumph Of God's Kingdom; 41--God Acts To Deliver His People; 42--God's Victory For His People; 43--The Need For Watchfulness; 44--The Coming Of The Son Of Perdition; 45--The Redeeming Lamb; 46--Provision For The Redeemed; 47--The Victorious Second Coming of Jesus Christ; 48--New Heaven And New Earth; 49--Born To Bare Witness; 50--Born Of The Spirit; 51--The Saviour Of The World; 52--The Word Among Us; 53--Jesus Reveals Himself Through Healing. 24 hours 42 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.