International Sunday School Lessons 1990 - MP3

DR 1990


1--Jesus Reveals Himself Through Scripture; 2--Jesus Reveals Himself As The Bread Of Life; 3--Jesus Reveals Himself By Setting People Free; 4--Jesus Reveals Himself As The Light Of The World; 5--The Light Of The World; 6--In The Image Of The Servant; 7--The Way, The Truth, The Life; 8--The Promise Of The Spirit; 9--The Word; 10--Guided By The Spirit Of Truth; 11--The Arrest And Betrayal Of The Lord Jesus Christ; 12--Peter Denies Knowing Jesus; 13--Pontius Pilate: A Fool; 14--The Death And Burial Of Our Lord Jesus Christ; 15--Resurrection And Faith; 16--Forgiveness And Fellowship; 17--Knowing And Abiding; 18--Love And Hate; 19--Fear And Love; 20--Faith And Life; 21--Loyalty And Discipleship; 22--The Two Ways; 23--Commandments And Seven Prophecies; 24--No Security Without God; 25--Wisdom Cries Aloud; 26--Wisdom Incarnate; 27--Lessons From Life; 28--Things Hard To Be Understood; 29--All Is Vanity; 30--A Time For All Seasons; 31--A New Teacher Of Wisdom; 32--Who Is Wise?; 33--Hearing And Doing; 34--Saul As A King; 35--The Davidic Covenant; 36--Nathan Rebukes David; 37--The Gospel According To First Kings 21; 38--Modernistic God Called Preachers; 39--Elisha And Jehu; 40--Amos And Amaziah; 41--Isaiah And Ahaz; 42--Isaiah And Hezekiah; 43--Huldah And Josiah; 44--Jeremiah And Judah's Leaders; 45--Jeremiah And Jehoiakim; 46--Ezekiel And Israel's Shepherds; 47--The Prodigal Son; 48--The Pharisee And The Rich Young Ruler; 49--The Banquet; 50--The Good Shepherd; 51--The Laborers In The Vineyard. 23 hours 48 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.