International Sunday School Lessons 1991 - MP3

DR 1991


1--The Sower And The Soils; 2--The Parable Of The Kingdom Of Heaven; 3--The Rich Man And Lazarus; 4--The Parable Of The Pounds; 5--The Good Samaritan; 6--The Friend At Midnight; 7--The Unforgiving Servant; 8--The Sheep And The Goats; 9--Interpersonal Relations; 10--Sexual Responsibility; 11--Guidance About Marriage; 12--Freedom And Responsibility; 13--Victory Over Death; 14--The Lord's Supper; 15--Spiritual Gifts; 16--Charity; 17--Mutual Concern; 18--The Joy Of Reconciliation; 19--Model For The Ministry; 20--Motives For The Ministry; 21--The Grace Of Giving; 22--First Return Of Jews From Captivity; 23--The Foundation Of The Temple Being Laid; 24--Opposition To Rebuilding; 25--Ezra Comes To Jerusalem; 26--Ezra's Religious Reforms; 27--Rise Up And Build The Wall; 28--God Will Fight For Us; 29--Dealing Justly With The Poor; 30--The Wall Is Finished; 31--Ezra Reads The Law; 32--Public Confession Of Sin; 33--Public Confession Of Sin; 34--Reform Under Nehemiah; 35--A Chosen Instrument Of God; 36--Barnabas And Saul; 37--A Sermon At Antioch Of Pisidia; 38--A Healing At Lystra; 39--A Conference At Jerusalem; 40--A Call From Macedonia; 41--A Song At Midnight; 42--A Proclaiming In Athens; 43--Disciples At Ephesus; 44--A Sad Farewell; 45--Arrested And Accused; 46--Paul's Defense Before Agrippa; 47--Paul In Rome; 48--The Song Of Moses; 49--The Song Of Deborah And Barak; 50--David's Lament For Saul And Jonathan; 51--Song Of Deborah And Mary; 52--A Hymn To The Creator. 24 hours 10 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.