International Sunday School Lessons 1992 - Downloadable MP3

DR 1992D


1--A Song For Temple Visitors; 2--A Hymn To The Redeemer; 3--The Song Of Songs; 4--The Song Of The Vineyard; 5--The Disciples Prayer; 6--The High Priestly Prayer Of Christ; 7--Praise For Christ God's Servant; 8--The Hallelujah Chorus; 9--Identification And Testing; 10--The Clash Of Truth And Tradition; 11--Without Honor In His Own Country; 12--Restoration To Wholeness; 13--The Messiah And Suffering; 14--Love Says It All; 15--The Crucified Son Of God; 16--The Empty Tomb; 17--A Gift Of Living Hope; 18--Called To Be God's People; 19--Witness In The Midst Of Suffering; 20--Humble, Steadfast And Vigilant; 21--Growing In Grace; 22--Focused On The Future; 23--The Lord Will Restore Judah; 24--Fleeing From God; 25--God Saves And Jonah Sulks; 26--Judgment And Salvation; 27--A Question And An Answer; 28--The Threatened Destruction Of Mankind; 29--God Will Restore Israel; 30--Understand What You Teach; 31--Godliness; 32--Getting Our Priorities Straight; 33--Handling God's Word Rightly; 34--Fulfill Your Ministry Faithfully; 35--A Model In Word And Deed; 36--God's Call And Promise To Abraham; 37--God's Call To Moses; 38--Joshua, God's Choice To Succeed Moses; 39--God's Provision Of Leadership Through Deborah; 40--Samuel: The Last Judge; 41--David: King Over All The People; 42--Solomon: A Wise King; 43--Josiah: King Of Reforms; 44--Elijah: Prophet Of Courage; 45--Amos: The Prophet Of Justice; 46--Hosea: Prophet Of Love; 47--Micah: Prophet Of Righteousness; 48--Jeremiah: The Persistent Prophet; 49--God's Purpose Through Love; 50--God's Promise To Zechariah; 51--God's Promise To The Gentiles; 52--The Temptation Of Christ.

Two zipped folders containing 24 hours, 14 minutes. By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.


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