International Sunday School Lessons 1993 - MP3

DR 1993


1--The Coming Of The Holy Spirit; 2--Educated Fools; 3--One Body In Christ; 4--Commissioned To Witness; 5--Proclaiming The Gospel; 6--Serve And Honor; 7--Teach The Truth; 8--In Him Was Life; 9--Rebirth Into Eternal Life; 10--The Light Of The World; 11--Coming To Life; 12--Do As I Have Done; 13--I Have Seen The Lord; 14--To Love Is To Serve; 15--The Bread Of Life; 16--The Witness Of John The Baptist; 17--We Have Found Him; 18--Can This Be The Christ?; 19--Confronting The Galilean; 20--The Promise Of The Spirit; 21--A Worthy Life; 22--Christ Our Model; 23--Keep On Keeping On; 24--Rejoice In The Lord; 25--The Preeminent Christ; 26--The Sufficient Christ; 27--Life In Christ; 28--Christ Unites; 29--New Life; 30--The New Fellowship; 31--New Behavior; 32--The New Family Order; 33--New Strength; 34--The Origin Of The Universe; 35--The Origin Of Man; 36--The Origin Of Sin; 37--God's Response To Mankind's Sin; 38--God's Commitment To Abram; 39--Satan Attempts To Manipulate Events; 40--God's Covenant With Abraham; 41--God Keeps His Promise; 42--The Sons Of Isaac; 43--Jacob Steals The Blessing; 44--Jacob's Experiences With Laban; 45--Jacob Is Reconciled With Esau; 46--Jacob Blesses Joseph And His Sons; 47--Preparing The Way; 48--Yielding To God's Will; 49--Born A Saviour; 50--Testing: A Commitment To Service. 23 hours 12 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.