International Sunday School Lessons 1995 - MP3

DR 1995


1--The Maniac Of Gadara; 2--Jesus, The Son Of David; 3--A Foreigner's Faith; 4--Jesus Is Transfigured; 5--Jesus Proclaimed Son Of David; 6--Jesus Institutes The Lord's Supper; 7--Jesus Is Rejected; 8--Jesus Mocked And Crucified; 9--The Risen Christ Commissions Disciples; 10--Speaking The Truth Plainly; 11--Being Faithful Under Stress; 12--Resisting Temptation; 13--Dealing With Conflict; 14--Building Up The Body; 15--Growing In Worship; 16--Being A Resurrection People; 17--Exercising Liberty Wisely; 18--Caring For One Another; 19--Living In Christian Freedom; 20--Working For Reconciliation; 21--Sharing Blessings With Others; 22--Expressing Love To All; 23--When Power Is Misused; 24--The Danger Of False Religion; 25--When Justice Is Corrupted; 26--A Day Of Good News; 27--Condemnation For National Wrong Doing; 28--A Call For Justice And Righteousness; 29--A Prophet Who Lived His Message; 30--God's Love For Israel; 31--Greedy Leaders Denounced; 32--Isaiah's Call And Message; 33--When A Nation Is In Danger; 34--Judgment Comes On Israel; 35--The End Of A Nation; 36--The Promise Of The Spirit's Power; 37--The Holy Spirit Comes; 38--Healing And Preaching; 39--Obedient To The Spirit; 40--Chosen To Serve; 41--Philip: Witness To Outcasts; 42--Saul Becomes A Disciple; 43--Gentiles Receive The Spirit; 44--The Church At Antioch; 45--Mission To The Gentiles; 46--The Jerusalem Conference; 47--A Gospel For The Whole World; 48--The Power Of The Gospel; 49--A Time Of Comfort; 50--A Time Of Encouragement; 51--A Time Of Joy; 52--A Time Of Righteousness And Peace; 53--A Time For Sharing Good News. 24 hours 32 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.