International Sunday School Lessons 1996 - MP3

DR 1996


1--The Servant's Call; 2--The Servant's Mission; 3--The Servant's Steadfast Endurance; 4--The Servant's Victory; 5--Jonah Flees From God; 6--God Shows Mercy; 7--The Loyalty Of Ruth; 8--The Kindness Of Boaz; 9--Parable Of The Sower; 10--Parable Of The Unforgiving Servant; 11--Parable Of The Vineyard Workers; 12--Parable Of The Servants; 13--Parable Of The Great Feast; 14--The Living Word; 15--The Loving God; 16--The Good Shepherd; 17--The True Vine; 18--Constitution Of The Kingdom; 19--Teachings About Loving Your Enemies; 20--Teachings About Riches And Anxieties; 21--Teachings On Prayer; 22--Faith And Faithfulness; 23--Faith And Relationships; 24--Faith And Action; 25--Faith And Wisdom; 26--Faith And Righteousness; 27--Praising God As Creator And Sustainer; 28--Praising God For Mighty Acts; 29--Praising God For Deliverance; 30--Praising God Who Knows And Cares; 31--Trusting In God; 32--Obeying God's Laws; 33--Repent And Confess; 34--Worship And Witness; 35--Holding Fast In The Lord; 36--Obeying God's Commands; 37--Hearing God's Call; 38--Proclaiming God's Word; 39--Continuing To Trust; 40--A Vain Search; 41--False Hopes For Peace; 42--A Rebellious People; 43--Personal Responsibility; 44--Portrayal Of Doom; 45--Jerusalem Falls; 46--The Cry Of Anguish; 47--God's Power To Restore; 48--Elizabeth And Zechariah; 49--Mary The Mother Of Jesus; 50--The Christmas Story; 51--The Wise Men And Herod; 52--Simeon And Anna. 24 hours 51 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.