International Sunday School Lessons 1998 - MP3

DR 1998


1--Living In Hope; 2--Becoming God's People; 3--Hope In Suffering With Christ; 4--Living In Humility; 5--Confirming Our Calling; 6--Rejecting False Teaching; 7--Believing In The Promise; 8--Keeping The Faith; 9--Jesus' Ministry Begins; 10--Jesus' Works And Words; 11--Jesus' Authority Established; 12--Jesus' Power Demonstrated; 13--Jesus' Identity And Mission; 14--Jesus Enters Jerusalem; 15--Jesus Dies And Lives Again; 16--Jesus Is Rejected; 17--Jesus Gives The New Covenant; 18--Teaching In Parables; 19--Traditions Or God?; 20--Marriage And Divorce; 21--True Greatness; 22--Help For The Future; 23--A Search For Answers; 24--Job Asks Hard Questions; 25--Job's Friends Give Wrong Answers; 26--God's Questions And Job's Response; 27--Listening To Wisdom; 28--Trust God; 29--Be A Good Neighbor; 30--Obey God's Law; 31--Wisdom Or Foolishness; 32--Hard Work Or Laziness; 33--Helpful Speech Or Harmful Speech; 34--Slow To Anger Or Quick To Anger; 35--Wisdom For Family Relationships; 36--God's Creation Marred By Sin; 37--God's People Delivered From Slavery; 38--God's Expectations Made Plain; 39--God's Actions Remembered; 40--Cycle Of Sin And Judgment; 41--Demand For A King; 42--Jeroboam's Sin; 43--God Works Through Prophets; 44--God Gives His Spokesman Courage; 45--God Works Through Song Writers; 46--False Hopes And Judgment; 47--Hope From God's Promise; 48--Renewal And Worship; 49--The Son Of God; 50--The Gospel Of Jesus Christ; 51--The Birth Of Jesus; 52--The Promise Of Power. 24 hours 16 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.