International Sunday School Lessons 1999 - MP3

DR 1999


1--Love One Another; 2--Follow Kingdom Priorities; 3--Reverse The World's Standard; 4--Forgive One Another; 5--Knowing No Boundaries; 6--Obeying Civic Authorities; 7--Building A Caring Community; 8--Reconciling The World To God; 9--Living In Hope; 10--The Word Became Flesh; 11--John The Baptist Testifies Of Jesus; 12--Nicodemus Visits Jesus; 13--A Woman Brings Her Village To Jesus; 14--Jesus Is Crucified And Resurrected; 15--Jesus Appears To His Disciples; 16--Jesus, The Bread Of Life; 17--The Truth Shall Make People Free; 18--Death That Gives Life; 19--Jesus Teaches Servanthood; 20--Jesus, The True Vine; 21--The Spirit Empowers Loving Obedience; 22--Jesus Prays For His Disciples; 23--God's Good Creation; 24--God's Purpose For People; 25--Consequences Of Sin; 26--Judgment And New Beginning; 27--God's Call To Abram; 28--A Promise Fulfilled; 29--A Test Of Faith; 30--Deceit And Blessing; 31--Jacob's Flight And Vision; 32--Jacob's Struggle At Peniel; 33--Favored Son To Slave; 34--Opportunity To Serve; 35--Forgiveness And Reunion; 36--God Calls Moses; 37--Crossing The Red Sea; 38--The Covenant; 39--The Tabernacle And Obedience; 40--The Cloud And The Fire; 41--The People's Rebellion; 42--The Desert Years; 43--The Great Commandment; 44--A Warning; 45--Joshua Succeeds Moses; 46--Israel Chooses To Serve The Lord; 47--God Destroys Jericho; 48--Israel Chooses To Serve The Lord; 49--The King's Herald And Baptism; 50--Temptations And Ministry; 51--The Birth Of Jesus; 52--Coming Of The Wise Men. 24 hours 25 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.