International Sunday School Lessons 2000 - MP3

DR 2000


1--The Twelve Disciples; 2--Teachings On Prayer; 3--Miracles Of Compassion; 4--Opposition To Jesus; 5--Laborers In The Vineyard; 6--Entry Into Jerusalem; 7--Anticipation Of Christ's Return; 8--The Death Of Jesus; 9--Resurrection And Commission; 10--Appeal For Unity; 11--The Holy Spirit As Teacher; 12--The Church And Its Leaders; 13--The Need For Church Discipline; 14--Marriage; 15--Love And Knowledge; 16--Spiritual Gifts; 17--Christ's Resurrection And Ours; 18--Love's Better Way; 19--Christian March Of Triumph; 20--Trials And Triumphs Of Christian Ministry; 21--Collection For Jerusalem; 22--Living In The Faith; 23--Living Is Christ; 24--Having The Mind Of Christ; 25--Pressing On In Christ; 26--Rejoicing In Christ; 27--Called To Spiritual Blessings In Christ; 28--Called To Oneness In Christ; 29--Called To Use Spiritual Gifts; 30--Called To Responsible Living; 31--Called To Stand Firm; 32--The Supremacy Of Christ; 33--Complete Life In Christ; 34--The Way To Righteousness; 35--Welcoming Others In Christ; 36--Deborah; 37--Gideon; 38--Samson; 39--Samuel; 40--Saul Becomes King; 41--Saul Rejected And David Anointed; 42--David Mourns Saul And Jonathan; 43--David Becomes King Of Israel; 44--God's Covenant With David; 45--David And Bathsheba; 46--Solomon Succeeds David; 47--Solomon Builds The Temple; 48--Solomon Sins; 49--Preparing The Way; 50--Responding To God; 51--Praising God; 52--A Saviour Is Born; 53--Presented In The Temple. 24 hours 44 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.