International Sunday School Lessons 2003 - Downloadable MP3

DR 2003D


1--The Rich Man: Wrong Priorities; 2--Mary and Martha: Friends Of Jesus; 3--Pilate: Judge On Trial; 4--Barnabas: Encourager And Enabler; 5--Paul: Obedient Messenger; 6--Timothy: Valued Helper; 7--Priscilla And Aquila; 8--Peter: Restored Leader; 9--Jesus Begins His Ministry; 10--The Conflict Begins; 11--Jesus Displays His Authority; 12--Rejection And Mission; 13--What Really Defiles; 14--The Messiah Challenges the Corrupt; 15--Jesus Gives The Passover New Meaning; 16--Jesus Dies And Lives Again; 17--Faith Conquers Fear; 18--Jesus Honors Bold Faith; 19--Putting Faith In Jesus Alone; 20--Expressing Honest Faith; 21--Faith Becomes Sight; 22--The Exiles Return; 23--Beginning To Rebuild; 24--Returning To The Work; 25--God Gives Hope For The Future; 26--The Exiles Dedicate The Temple; 27--Nehemiah Begins Work; 28--Nehemiah Completes The Wall; 29--Ezra Reads The Law; 30--The People Renew The Covenant; 31--Message Of Condemnation; 32--Call For Repentance; 33--Promise To The Faithful; 34--Prophesy Of An Eternal Kingdom; 35--Prediction Of The End; 36--Faith And Temptation; 37--Faith In Action; 38--Faith And Wisdom; 39--Faith And Attitudes; 40--Live As God's People; 41--A Good Example; 42--Grow In Faith; 43--Trust God's Promise; 44--Enjoy Fellowship With God; 45--Love One Another; 46--Live With Confidence; 47--Remain Loyal; 48--Maintain Steadfast Faith; 49--Samuel: Dedicated To God; 50--John: Forerunner Of Jesus; 51--Jesus: God With Us; 52--Jesus: Growing In God's Favor.

Two zipped folders containing 24 hours, 4 minutes. By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.


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