International Sunday School Lessons 2006 - MP3

DR 2006


1--Rely on God's Strength; 2--Pray For Everyone; 3--Call Godly Leaders; 4--Teach For Godliness; 5--Practice Justice And Mercy; 6--Be True To Your Christian Heritage; 7--Develop Christian Character; 8--Follow A Good Mentor; 9--Live And Teach The Truth; 10--God Made Us Special; 11--God Created Wonderful Things; 12--God Created And Knows Us; 13--Sing Praise To The Creator; 14--Responding To Tragedy; 15--Searching For Hope; 16--God Gives Life; 17--Finding Life's Meaning; 18--Living In God's Time; 19--Seek Wisdom; 20--Accept Wisdom's Invitation; 21--Follow The Path Of Integrity; 22--Living Out Wisdom; 23--Serving In Unity; 24--Serving With Spiritual Wisdom; 25--Serving Together; 26--Serving Faithfully; 27--Called To Relationships; 28--Called To Help; 29--Called To Win The Race; 30--Called To The Common Good; 31--Called To Love; 32--Giving Forgiveness; 33--Giving Generously; 34--Giving A Witness; 35--Giving Sufficient Grace; 36--God's Covenant With Noah; 37--God's Covenant With Abraham; 38--God's Covenant With Israel; 39--Covenant Renewed; 40--God Sends Judges; 41--God Leads Through Deborah; 42--God Answers Samuel's Prayer; 43--God Makes A Covenant With David; 44--God Grants Wisdom To Solomon; 45--Elijah Triumphs With God; 46--Josiah Brings Reform; 47--The People Go Into Exile; 48--God Offers Return And Restoration; 49--Who is Jesus Christ?; 50--What God Says About Jesus; 51--Light That Conquers; 52--The Word Became Flesh; 53--Humiliation And Exaltation. 24 hours 34 minutes on 1 MP3 CD. Lessons by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.