International Sunday School Lessons 2009 - Downloadable MP3

DR 2009D


1--Midwives Serve God; 2-Rahab Helps God's People; 3--Joshua Leads Israel; 4--Samson's Mother Prepares; 5--A Shunammite Woman Hosts Elisha; 6--Nathan Confronts David; 7--Esther Risks Her Life; 8--Isaiah Answers God's Call; 9--A New Spirit; 10--A New Shepherd 11--A New Respect; 12--A New Breath; 13--A New Source of Life; 14--Jesus Is Crucified; 15--He Is Risen!; 16--You Are Witnesses; 17--Help Those In Need; 18--New Family In Christ; 19--New Works In Grace; 20--New Message From God; 21--New Life In The Home; 22--New Armor For Battle; 23--Hearing God's Call; 24--Accepting Responsibility; 25--Recognizing Authority; 26--Finding Protection; 27--Accepting God's Rules; 28--Remembering And Celebrating; 29--Commissioning For Service; 30--Providing A Fresh Start; 31-Grumbling And Complaining; 32--Doubting And Rebelling; 33--Dishonoring God; 34--Obeying The Commands; 35--Deciding To Follow; 36--Joshua: Leader For The People 37--Gideon: Deliverer For The People; 38--Ezra: Priest For The People; 39--Nehemiah: Motivator For The People; 40--Looking For Jesus; 41--Recognizing Jesus; 42--Begging To Get In; 43--Opting Out!; 44--A Holy People; 45--A Chosen People; 46--A Suffering People; 47--A Faithful People; 48--A Hopeful People; 49--The Lineage Of David; 50--Prophets Foreshadow Messiah's Birth; 51--Immanuel Is Born; 52--Messiah's Birth Causes Joy And Rage.

Two zipped folders containing 24 hours, 21 minutes. By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.


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