International Sunday School Lessons 2011 - MP3

DR 2011


1--God Is Our Redeemer; 2--Salvation For God's People; 3--Reassurance For God's People; 4--Light For The Gentiles; 5--Wounded For Our Transgressions; 6--Jesus Is The Messiah; 7--Jesus Is God's Son; 8--Jesus Came To Serve; 9--Jesus Is Coming Again; 10--Worship Guidelines; 11-- Leadership Qualities; 12--Leadership Priorities; 13--Compassionate Service; 14--Remember Jesus Christ; 15--Remember The Warnings; 16--Praise the Lord; 17--Go And Tell; 18--Be Like Jesus; 19--Perpetual Praise; 20--Thankful Worship; 21--New Order Of Things; 22--Water Of Life; 23--God Keeps His Promises; 24--God Expects Obedience; 25--God Protects His People; 26--God Gives Victory; 27--God Responds To Disobedience; 28--Listen To God's Judges; 29--Use God's Strength; 30--Let God Rule; 31--Return To God's Ways; 32--Walk In God's Path; 33--Making A choice; 34--Empowering The Needy; 35--Caring For One Another; 36--Pursuing Righteousness; 37--Making Right Choices; 38--Teaching Values; 39--Acting With Discernment; 40--Living An Ordered Life; 41--Valuing True Wisdom; 42--Growing Old With Wisdom; 43--Finding True Love; 44--Seeking True Happiness; 45--Living In Harmony With Others; 46--Loving Unconditionally; 47--Praying Sincerely; 48--Facing Life Without Worry; 49-- The Lord Calls Abram; 50--The Lord Gives His Promise; 51--The Lord Provides; 52--The Lord Keeps His Promise. Total Time: 24 hours, 1 minute.