International Sunday School Lessons 2012 - MP3

DR 2012


1-Joseph Shows Character; 2-Joseph Finds Favor; 3-God Preserves A Remnant; 4-Joseph Transmits Abraham's Promise; 5-Israel Delivered From Egypt; 6-Justified By Faith In Christ; 7-Blessed With Abraham; 8-Inheriting Abraham's Promise; 9-Bearing The Fruit Of Redemption; 10-Wisdom's Origin; 11-The Word Became Flesh; 12-Water Turned To Wine; 13-Nicodemus Learns OF New Birth; 14-Jesus Testifies To The Truth; 15-Jesus Lives!; 16-Temple Is Cleansed; 17-Samaritan Woman Finds Living Water; 18-Blind Man Receives Sight; 19-The Bread Of Life; 20-AThe Good Shepherd; 21-The Resurrection And The Life; 22-The Way, The Truth, And The Life; 23-Practice Justice; 24-Live As God's Just People; 25-Celebrate Jubilee; 26-Love God; Love People; 27-Samuel Administers Justice; 28-David Embodies God's Justice; 29-Solomon Judges With Wisdom And Justice; 30-A King "Acts On A Widow's Behalf; 31-Jehoshaphat Makes Judicial Reforms; 32-Praise For God's Justice; 33-God Promised A Righteous Lord; 34-God Promised A righteous Branch; 35-God Promised To Be With Us; 36-Faith Calls For Perseverance; 37-Faith Gives Assurance; 38-Faith Empowers Endurance; 39-Faith Inspires Gratitude; 40-Faith Instills Love; 41-Stephen Defends His Faith; 42-Stephen Is Faithful To Death; 43-Simon Wants To Buy Power; 44- Philip Baptizes A Man From Ethiopia; 45-Paul Testifies Before The King Agrippa; 46-Paul Survives A Shipwreck; 47-Paul Ministers On Melita; 48-Paul Evangelizes In Rome; 49-Blessed In Christ; 50-One In Jesus Christ; 51-Part Of One Body In Christ; 52-Alive In The Light Of Christ; 53-Christs Love For The Church. Total Time: 24 hours, 31 minute.