January 2017 Sermons - MP3

DC 1701


JANUARY 2017 - MP3CD - 10 hours 59 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.

Expectations for 2017
David's Mighty Men
One Minute After Death
Two Overlooked Deacons
The 16:11's
Priority of Prayer
Controlling Your Thoughts (Sunday School - Doug Strobel)
Necessary Confrontations (Robert Militello)
The Lord's Treasure (Phil McNamara)
The God of the Nations
The Profane Christian

The Old Rugged Cross (Georgia Michel)
Here Is Love Melody (Cooper Sisters)
Take the World and Give Me Jesus (Ameei Pizzo)
O The Precious Blood (Mixed Quartet)
Empty Me (Judy Coventry)
He Giveth Again (Giacomo Galioto)
Who Hath Borne a Crown of Thorns? (Mixed Quartet)
Are You Afraid to Die? (BBC Strings Band)
God Hath Not Promised (Butler/Butler/Leroux Trio)
The Old Preacher Man (Harvey/Clifton/Trosclair Trio)