January 2018 Sermons - MP3

DC 1801


JANUARY 2018 - MP3CD - 8 hours 59 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.

An Exposition of Isaiah (Part 1)
An Exposition of Isaiah (Part 2)
Christian Suffering (Sunday School - Andy Phillips)
Rejoicing in the Lord (Kevin Coventry)
My Life is Meaningful Because... (Dennis Choi)
The Game of Life
Getting Back to Bethel
Two Weddings
Gideon's Strengths

Still the Blood (Turberville-Trosclair Duet)
Jesus Passed By My Way (Dare Family)
He Will Carry You Through (Instrumental Guitar - John Rodriguez)
Stand Still (Chris Trosclair)
Just As I Am (Men's Quartet)
Just a Little While (Taylor-Fall Duet)
The Right Side (Bluegrass Group)
God Hath Not Promised (The Geigers)
You're Not Alone (Men's Quartet)