January 2021 Sermons - MP3

DC 2101


January 2021 - MP3CD - 11 hours  18 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.



God's Call
Why Are Ye So Fearful
the Fruit of the Spirit pt. 1
Ditches (Sunday School - Dana Reynolds)
Understanding the Times (Ron Robinson)
Simon Peter 2.0 (Robert Slingsby)
Pick Up the Mantle
The Fruit of the Spirit pt. 2
Things the Death of Christ Accomplished
The Fruit of the Spirit pt. 3



He Hideth My Soul (Jones Family)
How Deep the Father's Love (Savannah Griffin)
Take the Name of Jesus With You (Instrumental - John Rodriguez)
Just As I Am (Turberville - Trosclair Duet)
Touring That City (Instrumental - Clevenger - Rodriguez Duet)
I Just Want to Thank You Lord (Kinman - Kinman - Waters Trio)
A Wall of Prayer (The Trosclairs)
I Claim the Blood (Griffin - Strobel - Strobel Trio)
Jesus, Priceless Treasure (Cooper Family)
I Am So Blessed (Campbell - Darling - Stephens Trio)
Hungry For Jesus (Brodie - Jeffers Duet)
In the Courtroom (Crawley - Dallas - Widmer Trio)