January 2023 Sermons - MP3

DC 2301


January 2023 - MP3CD - 10 hours  40 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.


Why I'm Groaning
Protecting Your Children
Biography of Jesus Christ
The Fellowship of Prayer
God Manifest in the Flesh (Zack Colvin)
The Judgment Seat of Christ (Zack Colvin)
Are You an Ass?
Truth Or Consequences
The Attributes of God 
Loving Something Better



Thank You for the Storm (The Geigers)
What a City (Stephanie McNamara)
There is a Kingdom (Crozier - Grotke - Haveman Trio)
It's Now Up to You (Jesse Kinman)
In the Shelter of His Arms (Joseph Jaggy)
For All He's Done (Emma Osborne)
Just As I Am (Titus Crozier) (Instrumental)
I Surrender All (Corbin Mansfield) (Instrumental)
Don't Worry About Me (Caleb Waters)
Beulah Land (Jones Family)
Thank You Lord (Mixed Group)