July 2021 Sermons - MP3

DC 2107


July 2021 - MP3CD - 8 hours  20 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.



Memorizing the Scripture (Sunday School - Andy Phillips)
The Injustice at Keilah (Michael Potter)
The Love of God (Austin Chaffee)
When a Sinner Receives Jesus Christ 
The Inquisitive Christ
The Three Necessities of Life
Understanding Christ's Love for His Church (Zack Colvin)
The Process Toward Spiritual Perfection (Zack Colvin)
Biblical Character (Zack Colvin)



Heaven's Gate (Brodie - Jaggy Duet)
I'm Brought Nigh by the Blood (Bierman - Campbell - Trosclair Trio)
No One Else (Abigail Harrison)
Approach My Soul (Jeffers Family)
You Are the One (Judy Coventry)
I Can't Wait (Cooper Family)
Better Than I Deserve (Savannah Sukeforth)
The Potter's Work (John Rodriguez)