Katy Campbell: Cancer Consolations - God's Tender Mercies

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Katy Campbell: Cancer Consolations - God's Tender Mercies

Author:  Katy Campbell

Pages: 110, softcover


"Cancer is such a scary word.  I still remember the night the doctors told me, at twenty-five years old, that I had stage 4 cancer.  I felt frightened and numb.  Surely this couldn't be true!  But it was.  When I used to hear the word cancer, I immediately thought of death.  But this isn't a story about death.  This is a story about life and hope.  It is a journey that reveals joy in the midst of sorry, comfort in the midst of pain, and beauty in the midst of turmoil.  Experience with me the triumph of God's grace, kindness, and most of all, his tender mercies."

Katy Campbell is a stage four cancer survivor who desires to use her story to encourage and inspire those going through difficult times.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of West Florida.  In her spare time, she enjoys singing and playing the piano, cooking, and spending time with her family.  She and her husband, Tyler, have two sons, and are departing for Scotland as missionaries.