Leviathan's Nightmare: Behold the Lamb

GN 9420


Leviathan's Nightmare: Behold the Lamb

Author:  Joseph Dulmage

Pages:  248


It's the five days that will change history around the world.

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the three days of his death, and the day of his resurrection are explained in illuminating detail in Leviathan's Nightmare.  Chaplain Joseph Dulmage mixes scripture from the King James Bible with his own commentary regarding the events and personalities intertwined during these five days, studying Christ's decision to celebrate Passover a day early and how Satan thinks he has a seat at the table to sitness God's undoing, not knowing God is about to fulfill his original promise to his followers.  Dulmage also analyzes the serpent's seed and Satan's influence on Judas Iscarior to set the stage for what Satan thinks will be his day of triumph, only to find out all the glory will go to God in the end.  It all leads to the five days that Biblical scholars need to understand.