May 2020 Sermons - Downloadable MP3

DC 2005D


May 2020 - One zipped folder containing 10 hours  27 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.



A Time of Thy Visitation
The Valleys of Life
A Mother in Israel
The Example of Paul
Preparation for Death
The Praying Christ
Search the Scriptures
Bible Numerics
The Sacrifice of Praise



Tarry Here a Little While (Micah Garner)
Patching It Up (Dare Duet)
Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Abigail Harrison)
Come, Thou Fount (The Doyles)
As Small as I Am (Austin Chaffee)
My Jesus, I Love Thee (Teen Group)
It Was Me (The Pilkingtons)
One Day - He Arose (BBC Kids Choir)
Heaven Medley (The Pilkingtons)
Beulah Land (Savannah Griffin)
Jesus, Thank You (Brown - Darling Duet)


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