May 2023 Sermons - MP3

DC 2305


May 2023 - MP3CD - 8 hours  20 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.


What is a Faithful Man? pt. 1 (Zack Colvin)
What is a Faithful Man? pt. 2 (Zack Colvin)
The Quiet of the Home
In Christian Warfare
Paul, a Great Saint
The Christian Rollercoaster
Great Soldiers of the Bible
Abiding Alone



The Rest (Dominguez - Robinson - Robinson Trio)
Near the Cross (Coppinger Family)
The Songs that Mama Sang the Best (Men's Quartet)
Were the Roses Never Fade (Coventry - Sukeforth Duet)
In Christ Alone (Girl's Quartet)
Christ is All (Stephanie McNamara)
Never a Time (Colvin - Potter Duet)
He Leadeth Me (Choi - Adamou Duet) (Instrumental)
Abiding Alone (Gregory Family)