November 2019 Sermons - Downloadable MP3

DC 1911D


November 2019 - One zipped folder containing 8 hours  55 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.



Living by Faith
Saul vs. David
Behold the Man (Zack Colvin)
Spiritual Warfare (Zack Colvin)
Consider Your Influence
Elements of Worship
Giving Thanks
Tarrying by the Stuff



Heaven Can You Imagine (Dare-Dare-Garner Trio)
How Deep the Father's Love For Us (Men's Quartet)
The Prodigal Son (Savannah Griffin)
Under the Blood of the Lamb (Crawley-Darling-Rue Trio)
Fairest Lord Jesus (The Geigers)
Satisfied (Men's Quartet)
The Love of God (Cooper Family)
Sheltered by His Grace (BBC Kids Choir)


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