October 2017 Sermons - Downloadable MP3

DC 1710D


NOVEMBER 2017 - One zipped folder containing 10 hours 25 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.

Why I Don't Want to Miss a Meeting
Knowoing God
The Cult of Self (Sunday School - Paul Miller)
Walking With God (Caleb Waters)
Things to Consider (Doug Strobel)
How to Use Your Bible
Elisha's Quiet Work
The Finger of God
The Unseen World
Christian Ironies
Daniel's Drawn Line

I Owe It All To You Lord (The Kinmans)
The Story That Lives (Ladies Group)
Precious Jesus (Pizzo-Darling Duet)
From Every Stormy Wind that Blows (The Geigers)
Where We'll Never Grow Old (Dare-Dare-Garner Trio)
Mansion Built for Me (Jones Family)
Water at the Well (Ladies Group)
Hallelujah, I Have Found Him (Robert & Tori Campbell)
New Jerusalem (Garner-Jaggy-Jaggy Trio


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